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African Dance

What are the drums without the movement of The Dance!

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Drums - Hand in Hand With The Dance

What Are The Drums Without the movement of The Dance


Ms. Meshandale Tucker, African Dance Instructor of The Scholars.


Learning the African Dance, The Scholars were taught that the cultural dance played a huge role in African societies. The dance, a mechanism of telling a story without the aide of spoken or written words. The dance, a true art form.


A brief history of the African dance: African rhythms expanded from Africa to America, mostly through the forced migrations of Africans taken as slaves. Dances are passed down to younger generations. The young learn the movements, often dating back to the times of age-old ancestors. There are many different reasons for the various types of Dances, all reflecting a part of life.


The dance, an expression of excitement and confidence with each step, an intentional movement with power and grace. The dance a celebration of a true rich culture. The Scholars received the knowledge that their African dance was a reflection of their heritage, a way to preserve their culture, a celebration of who they are, and a treasure to be cherished.

Scholars Dance Team
Scholars Dance Team
Scholars Dance Team
Scholars Dance Team
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