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We make a commitment to expose our youth to events,  that will enhance, enlighten, and empower them.

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Selma, Alabama

The Scholars traveled to Selma, Alabama for the 54th Bloody Sunday Celebration, The Scholars performed African Drum and Dance, toured Civil Rights and Slavery Museums, attended church service and marched in the re-enactment Bloody Sunday March on Edmund Petus Bridge. 


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Atlanta, Georgia

The Scholars traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, toured CNN, The Federal Reserve Museum, Georgia Capitol, and the MLK Museum, attended a workshop with Civil Rights Activist Annie Pearl Avery.


Washington, D.C.

The Scholars first trip, The Scholars traveled to Washington D. C. for the grand opening of the Smithsonian Nat’l Museum of African American History of Culture. The Scholars toured The White House, The Capitol, Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Smithsonian Zoo, Arlington Cemetery, MLK monument and more.

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